Who Uses GigaTrak?

Morse Electric

Conrad Industries

Metroplex, Inc

Production Masters

Cloud Based

TTS cloud version released

Contractor version with features that include overdue tool & maintenance alerts for equipment and assets.

Tool Tracking Software

Finally, a complete tool tracking software that's reliable and easy to implement! An affordable tool tracking software with NO monthly fees.

Whether you consider them fixed assets, consumables or simply tools, every contractor has valuable tools and equipment that are given out to employees and assigned to job sites all of the time. The questions that you need to ask yourself is "How many $'s does it cost me each year in lost tools?", "How many duplicate tools do I buy that I already have?", and "What could a good tool tracking solution save me?". With the GigaTrak Tool Tracking Software (TTS) you can reduce losses by holding your employees and contractors responsible for the tools and equipment you gave them. Our tool tracking software has provided tool crib management for construction companies, manufacturers, utilities and the National Guard for over 15 years. Great for hand tools, power tools, test equipment, office equipment, vehicles and more.

Why GigaTrak

Most of our competitors charge a subscription fee per user monthly. That doesn't make sense for a long term plan to track tools. GigaTrak offers one time purchase of our Tool Tracking Software with NO monthly fees ever.


Where we Deliver  How GigaTrak simplifies your job

Warehouse Manager

GigaTrak improves your visibility into equipment inventory while increasing your productivity. It puts time back into your day by helping you manage these important resources faster, more efficiently. And with virtually no paper.

Tool Crib Manager

Getting a high volume of items into the tool crib at the end of the work shift has always been the real test. With TTS tracking you'll know where items are, when they're due, who had them last and when they're up for maintenance.

Equipment Manager

Your ability to consistently deliver the right tools and materials to the field can dramatically impact field performance and project profitability. GigaTrak helps you to more easily fulfill requests for tools, equipment, and materials.

Field Staff

TTS tracking helps ensure that field personnel have the construction resources they need to perform at high levels. It virtually eliminates the paperwork that gets in the way of their job. Easy tool and equipment Check In/Check Out.